Parent Testimonials
Ms. Lisa, Mommy of Chloe (K2)

From the beginning when we send Chloe to Ishine, we have no doubt to put our princess at Ishine. She was 2 years old when she entry Ishine. She was very sensitive, shy and asocial at that time. But since attending Ishine. slowly but sure, she has opened up to be braver, more independent and more confident. She always want to take part on every performances and try to do it whole heartedly. She told us she loves go to school. She starting loves playing with her friends, she loves sharing her foods and she loves helping her friends and the teacher. The teacher at Ishine has did such a great job. They not just teach the kids school lessons, but also teach the kids life lessons.

As a parent, we are so blessed by the teachers who always well informed us for the kids' behavior and accomplishments. But the best of all, We are so proud and glad for seeing our little princess has grown up with confident, independent and mature on her ages.

Thank you Ishine for being "HOME" and "SCHOOL" at the same time for Chloe

Thank you for taking part on her "Golden Age"

Chloe loves Ishine so much.

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