Parent Testimonials
Ms. Eva Marsella, Mommy of Edeline
I chose IShine because the curriculum and learning methods were in line with Edeline's character. Seeing IShine's teachers who were caring, friendly, patient, and passionate in teaching made me even more confident to entrust my child Edeline to IShine.
Since starting school, Edeline has developed well. Initially she was not independent, but now she has become independent.  Edeline really enjoys studying at IShine.  Every time Edeline goes home, she can tell what she learned at school and it matched the documentation that was obtained from Edeline's teacher through the WhatsApp group.  It turned out to be true that the activities that Edeline shared with me were appropriate.
Now Edeline likes to read books, learn shapes, learn letters, learn numbers and colors.  Edeline is happy to do it.  Edeline is more diligent in tidying the toys after she finishes playing as well!
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