Parent Testimonials
Ms. Rizqy Septiana Andhika Putri, Mommy of Jose
Entering at the tender age of 2.5 years Jose has blossomed.  In the "Golden Age" it seems very important to optimize the physical growth and brain development of children.  His energy and curiosity needed the right space and response.  My husband and I decided to try to introduce Jose to the "Preschool" stage.  There are several considerations in choosing Preschool for Jose, ranging from distance, environment, teacher, curriculum, duration of implementation to the facilities available.
I tried searching in  Google, Preschool in North Jakarta and found IShine.  Incidentally, there is an agenda "IShine Saturday Playdate", I tried it and right away my husband and I were very interested and wanted to know more about the program in IShine.  After seeing IShine and getting an explanation, my husband and Jose became very interested and decided to join the Nursery class.
The first time Jose entered school, I was worried whether Jose would be fussy and uncomfortable.  But that did not happen.  It did not take long for Jose to become familiar with teachers, friends and the school environment.  It's so happy and relieved to find the right place for Jose to play, learn and try new things.
Two months went by and the results were amazing. Initially Jose, who was slow to speak, had begun to actively speak, smoothly and could count 1-10, sang and knew English as well.
Thank you IShine.
Jose is happy, Mama & Baba are happy too.
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