Parent Testimonials
Ms. Tika, Mommy of Carisma (K1)

At first, I only wanted to find a school for my daughter close to my neighborhood. Then, I discovered  IShine which was walking distance. After a couple of weeks, I was surprised by the rapid progress she showed, like recognizing alphabets in English, reading her name and even her friend’s name, mentioning the days of the week, etc. I never even taught her how to hold a pencil, but now she can even draw a picture! I think it’s a big progress for a child of her age. She is also able to converse in Mandarin. Sometimes, that amazes  me since  I know nothing about Mandarin.

The other thing I really like about iShine is that they give the pupils a chance to evolve and discover their own potential and passion rather than only focus on academic matters. By frequently hosting recitals to provide a platform for children to do performance, I see now my daughter’s confidence is boosted.

I also like the way they teach. They not only ask the children to sit down and hear the teacher instruct, but they play and interact actively together. Maybe that’s why my child seemed happy to go to school.

I’m also impressed by their transparency on educating our children by routinely sending a progress report on our mobile phone and accessible internet system (Educa). 
I also found that it’s very convenient to communicate with the teachers; asking anything about our child in the school, sharing their progress, their problems, etc. I feel like together we have the same goal for the children’s development. That’s totally the atmosphere that I want my children be raised in!

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