Parent Testimonials
Ms. Widhy, Mommy of Jonathan (K1)
Hal yang paling saya lihat dari sekolah adalah guru. Karena guru merupakan tempat pertama setiap... Read More
Ms. Niken, Mommy of Norland (N2)
This is Norland's 3rd year at IShine MOI. He attended IShine since toddler class and we are... Read More
Ms. Tika, Mommy of Carisma (K1)
At first, I only wanted to find a school for my daughter close to my neighborhood. Then, I... Read More
Ms. Sendy, Mommy of Keenan (K2)
As a mother, I always want the best for Keenan. When we had trial in IShine MOI, Keenan was still... Read More
Ms. Yuliana, Mommy of Maxwell (K2)
It was love at first sight when we first looking for preschool for Max. We love the cleanliness... Read More
Ayasha - former K2
Dad: Becoming part of Ishine family, we found that IShine is the right, save, yet fun place... Read More
Ms. Lisa, Mommy of Chloe (K2)
From the beginning when we send Chloe to Ishine, we have no doubt to put our princess at Ishine.... Read More
Ms. Grizelda Azarel, Mommy of Noah (N1)
We chose iShine because of the small class size and the fun learning atmosphere. The teachers are... Read More
Ms. Luky, Mommy of Yuuta (K1)
Testimony of IShine Preschool and Childcare In these delicate early learning years, as parents... Read More
Ms. Abigail, Mommy of Charlotte (N2)
IShine is just like second home for Charlotte, she really enjoy being at school. The curriculum... Read More
Ms. Nisa, Mommy of Ryu (Daycare)
I am so blessed to finding IShine Daycare! Where’s Ryu doesn't just "spend time" and waits for... Read More
Ms. Aprilia Mommy of Rayn (Toddler)
The class help my son develops motoric skill and sensory processing through interesting games and... Read More
Ms. Ester Mommy of Ethan (N1)
Ethan is currently enrolled at IShine Kertanegara. We are happy as Ethan's parent. The... Read More
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