4 years to 6 years old

What makes learning fun? What makes a child want to learn? It’s a programme like ours. Our safe and enriching programme focuses on all aspects of creative learning. The Kindergarten 1 and 2 students rotate around a variety of learning activities to help stimulate a healthy imagination.Their individuality is appreciated and their achievements are applauded. Preparing these young minds for success in primary school is the fundamental goal of the teachers as they encourage verbal skills, teach self-help skills and promote self assurance

IShine helps your child enhance communication skills.
We help the kindergartener participate in collaborative conversation on a variety of topics; support asking and answering thought-provoking questions, reading aloud, and developing writing skills; and encourage expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas through individual and group discussion.

IShine supports your child in learning to gather information in new ways.
We provide opportunities to carry out scientific investigations, estimate, and measure; use maps, charts, and graphs to teach about geography; and provide kindergarten age-appropriate experiences with technology, earth science, life science, and physical science.

IShine helps your child understand the importance of collaboration.
We provide opportunities to work in teams, develop cooperation skills and a sense of accomplishment, and pride. A sense of community and cultural awareness is also developed through discussions about shared goals and experiences.

IShine encourages your child to take physical development, health, and safety seriously.
We make connections between good nutrition and healthy bodies through games, sports, and nutrition-focused activities; provide opportunities to practice self-help skills.

IShine supports your child in building a confident self-image.
We enhance confidence through movement, dramatic play, and group activities. We support the development of new skills and individual talents in art, music, and dance; and promote creative writing through daily writing opportunities.

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