6 months to 18 months old

IShine provides a warm, welcoming environment where our infants can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. Our unique programme is delivered to infants and parents of young infants over the first 6 months of life. We believe in including parents and caretakers and encourage them to actively participate in our sessions. Our curriculum at this stage is based on research that has shown we can influence parent's knowledge and parenting confidence, and impact the lifelong learning of an infant.

IShine helps your infant learn to engage with others.
We believe in using verbal and non verbal communication . Our sessions incorporate non-verbal gestures,stories,picture books and songs to enhance early conversational skills.IShine provides a safe and nurturing "home away from home" set up where infants can explore and make new discoveries with their parents and caretakers.

IShine prepares your infant to think and reason.
We assist your child in exploring the concepts of cause-and-effect, trial-and-error, and object permanence through play by providing a variety of materials to encourage the use of all five senses to discover the world. We believe that early stimulation is essential to a child's rapid formulation of ideas and concepts.

IShine lays the foundation for your infant to develop trusting relationships.
We respond to your baby with sensitivity and attention and a parenthesis approach, facial expressions, and eye contact to communicate, to promote self-awareness. We provide continuity with your child's home with the presence of a parent or caretaker.

IShine helps your infant improve mobility and coordination.
We support your baby as he or she rolls from side-to-side and learns to crawl, stand, and walk; support the development of motor skills with blocks and shape boards; and meet your child's individual needs for rest and nutrition.

IShine encourages your child to express individuality.
We provide paint, crayons, and other tools that promote artistic exploration and creativity; support imaginative play and encourage self-expression through movement and music. Young children learn through exploratory play, and our program is designed to provide infants with the skills that serve as building blocks for a lifetime of learning.

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