The world needs more leaders and change agents who are innovative and endowed with a high emotional intelligence ! Thus, more and more women are being deployed in the workforce and bringing more equal employment opportunities for both! To all the working mums , we celebrate you and your contribution to the world. May you climb the career ladder with great peace of mind as you leave your child in the care and warmth of experts!

As working mothers ourselves , we have realized the need for quality childcare facilities. A child's growth in the early years is an irreplaceable window of growth in terms of their cognitive , social and emotional intelligence. Thus forming the foundation of becoming life long learners. A nanny at home may be a good substitute but may not provide the optimal stimulation which your child needs! Send your nanny in too and let her gain the understanding of forming healthier relationships with your child!

Our childcare facilities are crafted with careful considerations.

* We provide good learning opportunities using the ISMILE curriculum. Our activities provides your child with researched based activities and stimulation for their brains optimal development.

* Constant monitoring using tech tools such as Brightwheel. A tech tool that provides and gives you a daily insight into your child's day!

* A educator to support your child learning needs and one on one development

* Healthy meal options

* Opportunities to join in school programs such as field trips and annual shows

* Perks of forming early friendship and thus, plugging into the power of camaraderie and adjustments, early.

* Helps form formidable friendships and connection with other families too.

* Fosters independence

* Ongoing CCTV monitoring

Our childcare facilities allows families to reap social, psychological and financial rewards

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